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I'd be willing to bet that not replacing the DMF is causing your issues. When you get a new flywheel the surface is ground, kind of like new brake rotors. When a new clutch mates against that surface they break-in together. Some of the clutch material is transferred to the surface of the flywheel during the break-in process and they bed in much like brakes do. This break-in process provides for a smooth clutch release. IF you're still running the original DMF, it's probably burned, contaminated or just plain worn out. In every instance I've seen the flywheel takes more abuse and wears quicker than the the pressure plate does, no matter how well/precisely the tranny splines are greased (which allows the clutch disk to move back and forth during clutch release).

Did they replace just the clutch disk? Could be that they didn't replace the pressure plate either. How much did they charge for the work? Do you have a parts list?

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