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With respect YGO, you have no idea.

It is naive to think that police do not lie under oath. You can't believe that police perjure themselves? Sorry to burst your bubble buddy.

I'm not sure what your involvement in criminal law comprises, but mine spans 15 years and tens of 1000s of matters from simple street offences to murder and everything in between. I'm not trying to show off or boast, but I am no two-bit tin pot lawyer.

Have you heard of the Lucas Report, the Fitzgerald Inquiry or Roger Rogerson? If not, and in all seriousness, do some Google searches and see what you find.

Again, not trying to offend but to be educational. Police are (generally) not your friends. Next time you're in Brisbane lets catch up for a beer and a chat. The stories (truths) about police I could tell you would blow your mind.

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