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Originally Posted by TPLGT View Post
I am pretty sure the tech bypassed the factory amp. I did purchase a line out converter and I'm pretty sure he installed it. The current set up sounds worse than the stock system which is frustrating. I will wait until I install the BSW speakers and go from there. I am sure the speakers will help a lot. If not, which direction do I take? Do I need a separate amp? What can I do to ensure it is loud and clear? I suspect I may need the BSW Sub to complete the system. I don't care a lot about bass but it may be needed.

Thanks for the help!
If you purchased and he installed a line out converter than he is definitely using the factory amplifier. If the speakers were wired directly from the head unit you would have had no need for a converter.

The speakers may help, but my suspicion is that you won't be all that happy as long as you are still using that factory amp. You could either wire the speakers directly from the head unit or get a dedicated amplifier to power them. Either should fix your problem, but the replacement external amp would really make a dramatic difference.
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