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Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
Since this is my "get back in shape" thread and this is an issue preventing me from doing so, I think it's topical.

I saw a doctor the other day and it seems my symptoms are a hodge-podge and don't definitively point to a single specific issue. There are a number of things I could have, with ulcerative colitis being the most likely, but other things like Chrohn's Disease or even cancer not out of the question.

I'm not one to give feel-good advice, but I know those of us who are in good shape often feel invincible. Guys...don't hesitate going to the doctor. I wish I'd gone weeks ago.

On a brighter note, my boss informed me that A) you're not supposed to enjoy a colonoscopy and B) it's inappropriate to light up a cigarette afterward.
Best of luck dwass, will be hoping for the best for you.

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