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Originally Posted by TT330i View Post
lol at this. How have you concluded your shocks are "heavily degraded" by 30k miles? Have you ever seen a car with actual blown shocks? The car doesn't have to be hopping, but if my shocks were completely blown it would be. I'd be able to push on a fender and have it bounce. By all means though, continue to blow your cash on stuff you don't need, doesn't bother me at all

Debate ended, now onward with productivity...

plasti-dipped center console. Looks good as new!
Honestly not trying to brag, but you haven't been doing your reading. I've done more suspension rebuilds on BMWs this year alone than you've likely done your entire life. This is consensus within the inner BMW community. I don't need to prove anything to you. Just mind your words.

And no if your shocks were completely blown, your BMW wouldn't "hop." Since our cars are stiffly sprung, there's a great deal of support for the wheel and that's why BMW driver's don't replace their shocks/struts. Under even spirited driving, the car feels "fine." Beefy swaybars and springs still offer plenty of control without the need for shocks. (and theoretically, struts)

I could completely remove your rear shocks without you knowing and I guarantee you that you would keep on driving and never notice. I'd say the same for the struts but that is not technically possible.

GL with your car
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