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Originally Posted by Mesa3077Boogie View Post
Thanks for your reply. So do you believe that resting your hand the the shifter is or is not an issue? The weight I added to the selector rod is actually gonna be a lot less than what your arm weights obviously. Another reason I feel that the "dont rest your hand on the shift knob while driving" notion is bogus is that the weight of your hand and amr pushing down on the shift knob is ultimately stopped at the pivot ball in the shifter and shift arm anyway. How is resting a 10lb arm on your shifter even gonna compare to having a 170lb individual in your car with you? I mean any extra weight in your car is ultimately added to the gears pulling the car. Thats all speculation but thats how I see it.

I should have waited until I installed the Z4 shifter and ZHP knob to see how it feels before I installed the weight to the selector rod, but as you may know from my other posts my car is out of commission until my new subframe bushings get here so I am trying to get as much 'other' stuff done on the car as possible in the mean time.
The ball joint of the shifter arm will support the vertical force of your hand resting on the shifter. It will not support the torque that the force of your hand creates. There will be some pressure applied to the gear shift mechanism by resting your hand on the knob. Again, I can't see how this would be much of a problem. The shifter does not control how the gears actually mesh into each other (that is set). It merely selects which gears are actively transmitting torque from the crankshaft/input shaft.
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