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Originally Posted by BruceWonder View Post
i say no to up for an Omega you'll thank me later
I'm not a fan of Omega styling at all aside from the De Ville Co-Axial Rattrapante, and at $12k+ the cost alone rules it out. I'm not THAT BIG of a watch fan to spend anything close to that amount on a watch. It's not something that I can justify.

Originally Posted by Kwando View Post
Definitely no to both..I'd stay away from all fashion watches. They're not worth anything over $100 and even that's pushing it. Not a fan of Movado either.
I like Movado styling because of the relative simplicity. 90% of the watches on the market are too busy for my tastes. You are probably right about fashion watches. It's for that reason that I chose only to consider the automatic.

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