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Originally Posted by jdiesel03 View Post
I'd love to do it myself, however I'm a complete noob (not hard to tell, right?). I change my own oil and that's about it. May need to take a day or two and figure this ish out to save a couple hundred huh?
Just read a bunch of DIYs. Invest $500 in tools and you will save thousands. I have already saved several thousand dollars. I can do a brake job on a 330 for $300. The dealer would charge almost $1000. I did my entire front suspension parts (minus struts/mounts) for $500. An independent mechanic I went to wanted $575 to install tierods alone. They charge at least $650 for an ATF filter/fluid change (you can do it for $150).

Anyway, there are so many DIY guides available that you should have no problem. Just read a bunch of them to cross reference, build a list of tools you need, then get out there and do it.

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