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Originally Posted by jdstrickland View Post
Whatever. If the change in speed or direction is below a threshold, the bags will not deploy.

If the car is going X and suddenly is going zero, OR is going zero and suddenly is going X, then whether or not the airgbags deploy depends on how much difference there is in X and zero. If the impact is small, then X and zero are close together, if the impact is large then X is considerably different than zero. Airbags protect you from a large impact, if trhe impact is not large then the airbags are not needed and they can easily do more damage than they protect against.

I can't recall ever hearing of an airbag going off in a car that was not moving when it was wrecked. I'm not saying it does not happen, I just don't recall a specific instance where this is true. I see no reason it would not be true, but I am not an engineer on the team that figured out how to make an airbag work. What I do know is that there has to be a certain impact or greater, else the airbags do not deploy. That is what I said earlier, and tried to describe the conditions.
When you get rear ended the airbags go off, and you often aren't moving.

And why did you take what NOVA presented simply and make it so complicated?

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Get out and walk. Meet people.
It will change your life!
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It's ok, the world needs boring people
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