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SD bootable card replacement

Originally Posted by ccc View Post
I did that. The device is working now
Glad to help

And anyone else having problems making a SD card to flash the ROM... the other trick is to download one of the many little bootable disk makers such as:
Active@boot disk

I had tried everything like Fdisk, ErasUS etc but nothing worked until i made it bootable and active.

And now Wifi mysteriously works with iPhone5... you just have to turn Personal Hotspot on just before you turn the Dynavin unit on.

FINALLY i am happy with my unit...

Reverse camera = working
MP3 player = Working
Navigon = Working.. (better than Co-pilot and Igo IMHO... i have all 3.)
M3Evolution and support is great. New ROM coming out real soon apparently.
TV tuner = working... but never use it

It takes a lot of time and research but even an idiot like me can finally work this sh*t out.

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