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Hi people,

I'm new to the forum. Been reading this thread to sort out my own pirate ship problem. It only started yesterday but I wanted to get it sorted asap as my ma and da intended to borrow the car tomorrow to away for the weekend. I've just replaced the control arm with ball joint and new bushing but the creaking is still there. It only happens when the break is applied in a forward or reverse motion, steering has no effect on it. It's now to late to do any more work on the car before they go. Any ideas on what to look at next?? Maybe the sway bar links or the strut bearing???

Anyway more importantly. Is the car going to be safe for them to drive or is it not worth the risk? It is going to be a 400 mile trip there and back plus any miles they do when they get there.

I appreciate any help anyone can offer. I like my parents and they are currently negotiating a new life insurance policy so a wheel coming off at 60mph+ isn't really going to do anyone any favors.
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