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Originally Posted by [USMC]Skywalker View Post
Seeing that you have 05, you probably have the Assist which means you have a TCU (Telematics Control Unit), it is located on the left side of the trunk (other side to where the battery is) on top of where the CD Changer goes. If you open the liner you will see the silver rectangular box. Locate it and on top of that there should be a four digit pin number, write it down. Now all TCU are in pairing mode only the first 30 seconds after turning the key to ignition position2. Pretty much once it gets power it goes into pairing more for 30 seconds. Search for it by turning the phone discover mode on and you will see either "Hands Free" or "BMW#####" on your phone. Select pair and it will ask for the four digit pin enter it and you are good. It will automatically download all the phone numbers. I have paired all phones including the iphones and they all work perfect. Let me know if it works or if you have more questions.
Hey Skywalker...thanks for the reply. BTW, Semper Fi! ('67-'70)
1. Yes, I have the TCU, as the Bluetooth assist is listed on the window sticker & I have the rear view mirror with the SOS.
2. I have the original owners card with the 4 digit PIN# printed on it.
3. I go thru the pairing instructions per the BMW book & the DIY link I showed but no request for pin# or anything else.
4. Here's what I do. I turn on my Smartphone's bluetooth, go to bluetooth settings; make my phone discoverable; I then turn the key on the car to position #1 (have tried #2 as well) then initiate "discoverable" on the phone. Phone says it's "scanning for devices" as well gives me a count down of 120 sec that it's "discoverable". I do NOT see anything coming up on the car anywhere or the phone. The phone just can not find the TCU. I even tried pushing the R/T button on the steering wheel and nada. nothing. I have done this with other devices & do get the "PIN request" so do know what comes up AFTER it finds the device. This is acting as if the device is not active.
5. I even tried pushing the SOS button on my mirror for the "mechanic help" and nothing happens. I'm afraid to do it for the "HELP" button, thinking that I'm going to set some 911 call.

Is there a fuse that I need to check for this? Can the TCU be unplugged? Is there an easy way to check this?

Thanks again.
'05 330ci

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