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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
Need help trimming the "fat" from this workout I'm starting monday to co-incide with me changing goals. Theres a ton here, and if you see anything that just seems like its beating a dead horse, let me know please. 4 sets Wide grip pulldowns for instance after deadlifts/pullups/barbell rows seems excessive. I'd love my workout to be as efficient as possible, yet tailored towards aesthetics first, strength second (flame on)

Thanks in advance!

Monday - Shoulders / Triceps : 24 Sets = 51 Minutes

Shoulders : 15 Sets = 37.5 Minutes
DB Press - 4x6 : 120 rest
Military Press - 4x6 : 120 rest
Side Laterals - 3x8 : 120 rest
Rear delts cables - 4x6 : 120 rest
Triceps : 9 Sets = 13.5 Minutes
Skulls - 3x8 : 60 rest
Press Downs - 3x8 : 60 rest
French Curls - 3x8 : 60 rest

Tuesday - Back / Calves : 26 Sets = 60 Minutes

Back : 19 Sets = 49 Minutes
Deadlifts - 3x8 Reps : 180 rest
Pull Ups - 4x7 Reps : 120 rest
Bent over rows - 4x8 Reps : 120 rest
Wide Lat Pull Downs - 4x6 Reps : 120 rest
Seat rows - 4x8 Reps : 120 rest
Calves : 7 Sets = 11 Minutes
Leg Press Calves - 4x10 : 60 rest
Seated 21s - 3x21 : 60 rest

Thursday - Chest / Biceps : 25 Sets = 53.5 Minutes

Chest : 16 Sets = 40 Minutes
Incline DB Press - 4x8 : 120 rest
Flat Bench Press - 4x8 : 120 rest
Pec Dec - 4x8 : 120 rest
Low Cables - 4x8 : 120 rest
Biceps : 9 Sets = 13.5 Minutes
Preacher Curls - 3x8 : 60 rest
Incline DB Curls - 3x8 : 60 rest
Concentration curls - 3x8 : 60 rest

Friday - Quads / Hamstrings : 28 Sets = One Hour 12 Minutes

Quads : 16 Sets = 42.5 Minutes
Squats - 5x12,10,6,6,8 : 180 rest
Leg Press - 4x10,8,6,10 : 120 rest
Lunges - 3x8 : 120 rest
Extensions - 4x10,8,6,10 : 120 rest
Hamstrings : 12 Sets = 30 Minutes
Straight Leg Deads - 4x10,8,6,10 : 120 rest
Seated Hams - 4x10,8,6,10 : 120 rest
Lying Hams - 4x10,8,6,10 : 120 rest

This is my advice an aesthetics approach, NOT a strength approach (..although you will obviously get stronger), and this is only one scheme to consider...

For the shoulder day, I'd work heavy Military Press, moderate weight/rep schemes for lateral raises and DB Presses (...occasionally mixing it up with Arnold Presses instead), and light/moderate weight for the rear delt cable flies (..12-15 rep scheme). I'd also alternate/replace the DB and/or Arnold Presses with upright rows or front delt raises. Depending on how you pull, you can also lump pull-downs into your shoulder day. Your tricep work looks okay.

Any particular reason why you're lumping calves into your back day instead of working them on your leg day?

For your back day, I'd do moderate weight/moderate rep scheme DL's to increase the time under tension, moderate weight/moderate rep bent-over rows, and alternate the type of cable rows (..vary the handles). Do not forget to toss in the DB rows. They are AWESOME for aesthetics. On your cable exercises (..or any exercise for that matter), I cannot emphasize close attention to the contractions. Cables are great for aesthetics! Add your bicep work on your back days. It makes the most sense.

For your chest day, it looks pretty good, but go heavy on your bench presses and higher reps on your cables (..again, focused on the eccentric/concentric; I keep repeating this because it is SO IMPORTANT). Alternate between free weight and Smith machine incline bench presses as well ('ll understand why when you improve your mind/muscle connection). Add some additional tricep work on your chest days. Maybe choose to do cable tricep work on chest days and dumbbell/barbell tricep work on your shoulder days.

On leg day, go balls out on squats. I repeat, go balls out on squats. Moderate/low weight rep scheme on the leg extensions, and alternate between lunges and the leg press. I would also add moderate weight RDL's with a barbell or dumbbells. Do calves on leg day, and I'd recommend the Smith machine.
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