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Originally Posted by Dathaeus View Post
Thanks guys! Makes me feel a lot better.. will have to take it to my lifetime free alignment at Firestone since I just got new tires but nice to know.

Should I actually take #'s and take it to them, and does anyone have those specs my car should have if perfect? I wouldnt be surprised if they were not familiar with a ZHP's specs. I hope they dont do a bad job but I have been going to them for like the last 10 years. They always give me a computer report when I ask for it etc... (P.S. I have 17" BBS, not sure if that matters)
They can do it. Most shops seem to have the Hunter laser computer alignment device. It has the specs of almost every car on the road in it's computer. The shop I went to once (generic oil change/AC/alignment place) even got instructions on how to weight the car according to BMW. I told them to ignore it and subtract 10-20% from the camber specs.
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