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This doesn't answer your question, but my advice is to keep the Bimmer. I had two 1968 Camaros (in 1977-78). Unless you just want one for the collector value and don't intend to drive it, the Bimmer, any Bimmer, is a better ride. Camaros of the time were all engine, no brakes, and no handling. Most of them did not have air conditioning, and they are not comfort cars. They are of the pre-galvanizing era, so everything other than the body paint is covered in a layer of rust. You'll twist off any bolt in the undercarriage before you break it loose (and that was in 1978).

They were great cars in their day, and I can understand wanting one for what they represent. I loved mine, but I like to drive my cars, and can't see spending the money on a restored 1968 Camaro. I'd rather put a Corvette engine in my 325.
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I just don't know what I'd do with 560 hp that doesn't involve getting arrested.

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