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Originally Posted by TPLGT View Post
Yeah, thanks.

What is your setup? My thought was to go single din: JVC AVX-77 with the BSW stage 1 speaker upgrade. Figuring this would be enough for a clean, loud, better than stock set up. Now I may need to swap amps and consider the BSW sub.
Thats pretty much how I started out. I picked up a Dynavin nav head unit, and had that installed. I was very disappointed in how it sounded wired up to the stock HK amp and speakers. It sounded worse than stock. The Dynavin has the converter built-in, so I thought this would be ok, but it only had 2 settings, one was way too quiet and the other way too loud with crazy distortion. This was a bummer, since I had planned on going with the BSW setup later on and keeping the amp stock.

I ended up removing the HK amp and replacing it with a Kenwood excelon 5-channel. It's compact and fits where the factory amp used to be. Hertz Hi-Energy components up front, Kenwood Excelon rear deck speakers and a 10" Excelon Sub in the trunk rounded it out. It sounded phenomenally better, but I was still unhappy with the Dynavin for a number of reasons so I switched that out for a Kenwood double-DIN nav unit. Now it's perfect - exactly what I wanted it to sound like and work like.

The amp really made a massive difference. There are pics here if you want to check it out:

You don't need to do all of that of course, but the stock amp is pretty weak (even the HK one) so swapping it out does make a world of difference.
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