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Originally Posted by Glight View Post
I think you're short changing yourself with reverse pyramid training. It's just a lot of wasted reps in my opinion. I'd personally rather see a heavy 5x5 or 5x3 with more rest than all these higher rep sets with a bunch of reps at lower weights.
I'd like to do this for the compound big 3, but I also have seen great results in the past from the 8-10 rep range for non compound (supplementary) exercises (incline dumbbell bench for instance). I know its nothing impressive, but I do have a good 2 years of working out and my current strength levels are around the intermediate level, so I think I'm past my "newbie gains" stage.

Originally Posted by Glight View Post
Gotta remember that a lot of these programs are written by people that are very advanced yet they write stuff on their website and everyone that reads it assumes that was the single program that got those people to the place they are currently at when in reality they used all sorts of beginner, intermediate and advanced programs to get them there.
This one was actually created for me by a previous trainer I had, but he could have done the exact thing you are saying (He was huge, so what worked for him may not work for me)

Originally Posted by Glight View Post
Your goal at this point should be to add mass and add strength so you can get to a point much more quickly where an appearance based program will benefit you much more so than it will now.
Realistically I think I'll see positive gains from doing a 5x5 or 5x3 or a 3x8 etc... the sweet spot seems to be 25-30 total reps per exercise. I personally think the compound lifts done heavy are great, as they tax the CNS and really thrash your body. I did stronglifts this summer for two months, and definitely saw a strength increase despite probably not eating enough.

Originally Posted by Glight View Post
All just in my opinion of course and if appearance is your main goal you could modify a linear progression program from a weekly cycle to a 10 day cycle so you have a few extra days for arm days or back days and an extra day of cardio.

Hope this helps.
Very much so, thanks a lot!

Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
No offense to anyone or their suggestions, but this seems like entirely too much faith in "programs." Seems like a bunch of trainers trying to make names for themselves.

I have yet to see anyone who wasn't predisposed to greatness get what I would consider to be an extraordinary aesthetic results from a "program."

Why not just try a standard 5-day split like so many of us used successfully?
With my lifestyle a 5 day split just doesn't work, I usually have hockey one night and I like to keep my weekends free... I'm going to add in short intense metcons when I can on weekends / free time and some swimming, but I think I can cram a 5 day split into 4 days without creating too many issues.

I like to have a "program" created so I can track it (I put the weights/reps in an iphone app called GymBuddy) and I can see my week to week progress, which is very helpful for me. Like a science experiment, if it wasn't constant week after week I wouldn't be able to monitor any progress. I just want my "program" to include the best exercises and rep ranges for my goals.
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