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I rode from August 2005 until August 27 2012... I put over 76 thousand miles on my Gsx600f Katana. Reason I gave it up is because I was rear ended about 45-55 ( I'd be willing to say closer to 55) and I was almost stopped. Of course, that is also the reason I'm on this forum now. I wanted another bike (and I was going to get one), but I found out I went over the extended cab truck in front of me and grazed the hood coming down..they say I went about 20 feet from when I was hit. I figured at this time in my life I wanted to watch my daughter's grow up.. I'm done until they move out of my house, and the next bike I get will not be for commuting-only a fun time bike. I always was cautious to my surroundings, and always knew where the cars were around me, but that didn't stop the 19 year old female from slamming into me. I'm glad to be here, and my only real injuries are my ankles..I'm having surgery Dec 17 (my eldest daughter's birthday. .) on my right ankle to repair the tendon that flaked a piece of bone and has caused me pain walking. (Since I baby the right one it put more stress on the left- which my orthopedic dr says should heal on its own)... you never know what you have until you think you've lost it all. I want to say to all that ride, always ride like you are invisible, pay attention to drivers reactions-(you can keep from getting hit), and I hope each and every one of you are able to go home each day to the ones you love. P.s. (smartphones in the hand of drivers are your worst enemy)
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