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Originally Posted by BeemerHolland View Post
I have tested the M3Evolution rom on my D99+ for one week and my personal conclusion is that it doesn't have much noticeable benifits besides that it looks more fancy than the stock rom.

Issues so far found with the M3evolution ROM:

Not able to add contacts account (gmail) to show contacts. (Black screen).
With the stock rom I could add this

No re routing within Google Navigation
Re routing worked in the stock rom

Pandora crashes frequently
Not happening with the stock rom

SetCPU not working (maybe reinstall needed, not tested yet)
Worked with the stockrom

When I saw the list of benifits on I was very impressed and did the donation of $30 dollar. To be honest I am very dissapointed with it. Especially to know that I paid $30 dollar for only a fancy black theme statusbar.

@M3Evelotion. I understand that your not updating the ROM anymore since your working on the //Avin system. Then in my opinion please share the knowledge how you created this ROM so that other can continue working on it.
Just making profit out of a product that isn't even finished yet is the same as lack in development as Dynavin does if you ask me.

Just my two cents.
For me the biggest disappointment has been the lack of support from Dynavin.
It's clear that the D99 can handle later versions of the Android O/S and would probably handle them a lot smoother considering how mature the later Android O/S's are over Froyo.
From reading these forums and others it seems the only thing stopping folks from creating new kernels is the touch screen driver but without this code I think everyone involved in ROM development for the Dynavin is pretty much at a standstill hence why there has been feck all development lately - I don't blame the developers...
A petition or something to Dynavin to release the source code is needed but I have my doubts even with this... as do I have doubts of any newer versions of the stock ROM being updated.
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