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Originally Posted by DHK View Post
Past two days my driver side door has been frozen shut. I havent had time to do anything about it but now it will be the weekend and Id love to not have to climb in from the passenger side.

Current plans are to get something like WD-40 and spray it into the closed door area. See if that cracks it, then ill WD-40 the **** out of both door latches and the trunk latch to keep out moisture...

Anything wrong with this plan?

It can get quite cold here in Estonia, sometimes as cold as -30.
WD40 is oil based. Could get messy and expensive where clothing is concerned and it runs off anyway. What's wrong with regular de icer? Squirt it into the door cracks. A pain I know but it should do the trick. I tend to fill a 2L water bottle with hand hot water (not too hot) and pour it on. That does the trick.

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