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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
......With the kind of mileage you have, I would expect possibly a lot of carbon build up on the back of the intake valves. Dry carbon on the back if the intake valves and in the intake path acts as a sponge to lean out the initial cold start fuel mixture until the carbon is fuel saturated again, then on immediate restart the problem will not usually be there. I used to see this back in the late 80's where some of the GM V6 would start and stall on once, then upon restart, they were fine. We used to trick the coolant sensor to enrichen the mixture for start up and the stalling would not happen. Walnut shell blasting the intake valves with the head still on was one solution along with different fuel additives.

The problem with higher mileage engines is the valve seals start to leak oil down the valve stems, then the carbon is hard to combat.
JFOJ, I am considering pulling off manifold(from my saga thread) to clean out the dry carbon. Any other alternate methods you(anyone else) can think of that I can use to clean off the carbon with manifold removed as I don't have the tools for the walnut shell blasting?
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