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Walnut blasting supplies -

Now what you need to know is you need a decent air compressor, a smaller one may work, but it will take you a long time.

Also you will need googles, a dust mask and something to keep the walnut shells from ending up in other cylinders and places you do not want the material.

There are other more specific and costly options, but you may not even need this??

If you want to pull your intake, that's great, you can replace all the gaskets and rubber parts while you are at it. You can also search to see if it looks like your DISA flap ended up in the intake or of anything looks like it has been ingested by the motor?

If I had to pay to have the intake removed, not sure I would do it at this point?

I am a bit worried about the noise you think is in the engine. Cleaning the intake ports will not likely resolve this issue? But you may find other issue when you have your car apart?

You may need a few mechanics to listen to your engine in person before you dive into this too much. Unforturnately if you ask 5 mechanics to listen to your noise, you will likely get 5+ ideas of what may be going on. But you may have someone give you a clue that you have missed and maybe will give you a better idea where to start?

Have you ruled out simple things like maybe wrong spark plugs (being too long of a reach)?

Good luck and I hope you make progress.
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