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You gotta slow down a bit.

This is the problem when you get too many complex tools in the hands of novices.

1. Your screen shots using BMW Scanner 1.4.0 shows no active faults. So therefore you should NOT have an aibag light on. All Active Faults should show up as RED.

2. You have a number of items showing power supply or low Voltage. You need to look into this before you get too excited. See the 3rd link in my signature and bring up the battery/charging Voltage on your dash. Get to AutoZone, Advance, Pep Boys and get your battery checked.

3. You can get real time data for the airbag/SRS system and see seat belts latched, seat sensors being activated and so forth.

4. You may have in intermittent connection problem to an airbag. You need to log the date & mileage of all faults, clear them and watch for when any indicator lights come on. Then try to scan for the issue IMMEDIATELY.

5. Also to add you cannot clear a code that is not active, your codes/errors are not active, so they will not clear with software. Also an active fault cannot be cleared (or at least permanently) if the fault condition is still present, the fault needs to be corrected before you can clear the code(s). Sometimes you can clear the fault and the fault will come back immediately, sometimes it take a bit for the polling cycles to be completed.

You will likely start to see a trend and you may get more info. Error codes are nothing more than clues, you cannot take what they state as gospel and knee jerk to replace parts, you car and your wallet will not appreciate it.
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