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Don't want to hijack a thread but so far I spent 3 days reading two forums to help me make a decision and as of now I was already deciding on the Zimmerman X-Drilled for front and back and still trying to figure out the pads. This is a regular street car , sure I drive a little aggressive... heck we drive bimmers :-) but seriously I live in Florida and drive about 600 miles a week about half highway but plenty of stop and go. I already know I will do a fluid flush and decided on the ATE Blue but I have been wondering if SS lines actually make a difference or if its really worth it.

The pads have me and obviously others confused... Suffice it to say that I do not like the amount of brake dust that the OEM pads create and I completely get the common feedback that OEM have the best cold and initial "bite" but it's hard to translate what that really means to me in real life. I mean how long does it take for the pads to warm up and get passed the "initial bite" issue. I have 2 stop signs and a traffic light before I'm even out of my housing development... is that warm enough for me to get past the initial "bite" difference? I'm not trying to sound silly just trying to understand this is real world terms... like when I stop and go shopping in a store and then leave the parking lot after a few stop signs and speed bumps am I passed the "bite" thing by then?

Am I completely mis-understanding this??? Is the initial "bite" difference noticeable every time I have a sudden stop because the dope in front of me on the highway is texting and the traffic is horrible :-)

I was going to get Hawk ceramics but read about some problems with the pads so now I hesitate, I was ready to get the Greens and then read some really negative comments on those, I looked at Akebonos but keep reading about the initial "bite" and grab... in all frankness I think the more I read I eventually find some negative comments about most pads so I am having a hard time pulling the trigger today and making a purchase. I also can't seem to find anything that helps me decide relative to the fact that I understand their is a trade off with OEM versus 3rd party pads... meaning if all thee of the pads I reference have less initial bite than OEM... in a general street car use is there actually a difference between the three?

I hope I am making sense in stead of rambling and any advice would be greatly by me and probably many others... thanks in advance.
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