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Originally Posted by nui View Post

You were very responsive until I sent my payment for a business cd on November 6. The shipment has been delayed due to multiple reasons from you. Finally you told me that the item was sent out on November 20 and then you have no response to me since that day.

I had to trace your posts until I found this topic and I was able to get your email address on November 22. I've been emailing you about my tracking number since and still get no response, so I had to file dispute on PayPal.

According to your last post, I assume that you did not ship out the business cd as you said you did. Was that a lie? Anyway, thanks for the refund.

I would like to give you all a heads up if you paid this seller by PayPal. You can open dispute within 45 days of payment.

I wish you all receive the parts you bought from this seller.

PhoenixBW, if you actually sent out the business cd to me. I'll give you money once I receive and test that everything works.
This is just wack. I can't believe everyone else has the same problem. I also was promised a tracking number multiple times via through email. I sent payment at the beginning of November and he told me countless times that it has been shipped. Thankfully, he refunded my money when I filed for a dispute. If he did send it out, I will pay him when I get the item.

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