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My Ride: ///M3 & 330i ZHP
I will say that I find my ZHP more suited as a daily driver whereas my ///M is more fun to take out occasionally. I used to drive my ///M full-time during the first year of ownership and decided that it would be better to have that as a seasonal car, not because of maintenance but because the roads where I live are harsh during winter from salt. After I got my ZHP and began daily driving duties with it I realized that it has a much softer/smoother ride than my ///M (two different cars - I know) and seems like a much more refined ride compared to the brute power ride I have in my ///M.

Now I love the personalities of both cars but since I happen to be lucky enough to own both I choose to use my ZHP for daily driving duties while saving my ///M for perfect days...
2004 TiAg ///M - 171,000 miles.......................2003 Imola ZHP - 180,254 miles

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