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Have been in the same situation for about a year now myself. Not necessarily for the same reasons though, timing wasn't right for us and just couldn't figure out how to make it work. However I still think about her all the time and wonder if it will ever get any better. We were really good friends before and of course we said it would be there after...but that never works how you want it to. I've tried being in contact with her but she does the same type of thing, I've come to realize there is nothing that "I" can do about that and just have to do my best to keep on going. I just keep my mind on the fact that things happen for a reason and leave a small bit of hope that maybe down the road it might work itself out.

I'd say just do your best to your mind on what you currently have in your life and make sure you are making decisions for yourself and what makes you happy. It's hard to deal with the fact that sometimes there is nothing more that you can do....but that's just where things get left at times and you have to do your best to be understand that.
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