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Same experience with my PPS (I believe it's similar in size to the LC-9)

Although I can usually get it under control within a few shots by adjusting my grip, I always seem to be caught off guard by the recoil on the first shot. I'm hoping the trigger gets better with time, as I've been told they do. It feels pretty gritty, which makes it hard to get a consistent feel for the break. This combined with anticipation (of the recoil) causes me to either jerk the trigger or "Heel" (from above). I'm usually low left or high right, on my first few shots.

I've switched to carrying my XDSC...I'm way more accurate and faster with it. I'm actually wondering if it would be worth the additional weight/size penalty to go to an even bigger gun (been looking at the Glock 19)

I also got a nice shock on Tuesday night when I shot my new LCP....little motherfcker KICKED and stung my hand with every shot (I knew it would suck, but not that much). Definitely not a range queen and not something I want to shoot over ~15-20yrds.

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