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Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
If you're trying to build strength in your bench, cut out the 10 lb. increment sets. Do your 135 lbs., and jump straight to 175-80 lbs. You'll waste less energy and put up 180 lbs. for more reps. There is no point in piddlying around with the weight that doesn't differ much. You're not going to gain any ground if you're not pushing yourself.

Here's an example of my bench scheme from last week (..I increase my "heavy" set weight by 5 lbs. every week):
  • 135 lbs. (2 x 10 reps....warmup)
  • 225 lbs. (2 x 10...light/moderate work set)
  • 335 lbs. (2 x 5 reps....heavy)
  • 275 lbs. (2 x 10 reps....moderate)

My previous 1RM in '07 was 345 lbs. Today I can probably put up 360 lbs. for one rep. I'm shooting for a 405 1RM! I weigh 185 lbs.
Ill try this. Should I do this on squat too?

Usually do:
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