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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
anyhow back to the OP.

i'd take a good listen to Charlie (cak323i) as he is a daily driver of both an M3 and 330-zhp.

(well not daily driver of M3 now it's in car cave hibernating like a bear/beast it is)

will like to hear what you think when you test drive it.
Thanks Alex

Yeah, I'm interested in hearing what OP thinks after taking a test drive. Everyone have their preferences and if I lived in Cali I probably wouldn't have gotten my ZHP and driven my ///M full time.

Being up here in New England....the option to buy a ZHP in half-way decent condition came up and I was beginning to look for another project so I got it. As I said I didn't enjoy driving my ///M in the winters up here although it more than handled the winter weather adequately....with all the modding I wanted to keep my ///M fresh so I got the ZHP....of course I'm modding the heck out of my ZHP (go figure!!!) Mileage is nothing for either cars as I have 149k on the ///M and 132k on the long as you maintain your car there shouldn't be any major issues unless you beat on them... There are days where I miss driving my ///M and when the roads are perfect, even in winter, I will take the ///M out for a spin that I have my ZHP for daily driving I feel I have the best of both worlds...
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