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Originally Posted by EverydayGetaway View Post
I can't believe all the hate for the e36 M3 on here... Benchmarks for the US and Euro spec M3s are nearly identical. Yes, it makes a lot less power than the European model, it's also more reliable and to answer the OP, they can be boosted pretty reliably.

The E36 M3 4 door is my favorite M3 (flame suit on).

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By benchmarks I'm assuming you mean 0-60. Only reason the 0-60s are close is because BMW geared them too tall. 1/4 mile and trap speed will show the real difference. Euro M3 (3.2L version) runs a 13.2ish 1/4 mile. US version runs low-mid 14s.

The euro M3s make 40-80 HP more... That difference is not insignificant. Slap a 3.46 on the 3.2, and it'll probably walk E46 M3s.

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