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My Ride: 2004 BMW 330Ci Conv
My 330ci convertible has also gone intermittent on recognizing the door is open, and therefore cracking the window a bit. I can confirm it's a failure to recognize the door open as the rear seat access switch on the top side of the seat fails to function at those same times that the window didn't crack. Another forum provided the following input from someone:
The door ajar sensor is in the door latch assembly. It's a hall effect sensor which detects a magnet on the rotary latch (metal plate on the door that catches the U shaped hook on the door jam). Since it's a hall effect sensor you can't easily measure it which makes troubleshooting difficult. If you are having problems it's easiest to just replace the door latch/actuator assembly.
I'm digging in tomorrow and if I find a fix other than replacement (such as a good cleaning or loose connection), I'll be sure to share it.
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