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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Last time I am going to state this, READ THE FIRST LINK BELOW IN MY SIGNATURE.

If you are using a smart phone you will not see signatures, you need to use a computer.

Once you are finished reading the first link in my signature for about the 3rd time, you will start to understand!

DISA built in O-ring seal is garbage!!

AutoRX is no Seafoam.

You might just want to replace your oil pressure sender first. I have had half a dozen cars with oil light/low pressure and every one of them was a bad sensor/sender. I even had one that would show no oil pressure for the first mile on cold start below 50F. I knew from the sound of the engine this was not the case. Once I hit the 1 mile mark the gauge jumped from 0 to the half way point. Changed the sensor after 2 years as I was lazy and it was hard to reach and no more 0 oil pressure on cold starts!
Oil pressure is 30k old... PO changed it.

I was strongly suspecting the DME since I have a ZHP and all the DME revisions for the modified 3.0L engine prior to the latest in '08 had some sketchy issues with idle and hesitations. I updated it last weekend and it didn't fix my cold startup issues (hesitations are pretty much gone though). I ordered the DISA o-ring as it was 5 bucks and you said OEM o-ring was garbage so I'm sure it won't hurt to change it. While I am waiting for that to show up I also tried to unplug whatever sensor there is in the 1.5" large hose that goes from the SAP to the engine. It started up real smooth after replicating the conditions where I've had issues - when the car sat in a heated garage for 5+ hours. I wasn't suspecting the SAP since I had zero SES codes and I knew I had to update my DME... But now I have an idea where to look at least. I'm hoping it's not the pump itself but the valve or a damaged hose.

I'll post an update once it gets a bit warmer here and I can work outside. No garage at home and 10 F today.

Thanks for the super useful thread

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