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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
I'm squatting at 8am tomorrow because I'm still sore today from Tuesday lol

Do you back squat or just front squat? I actually watched that video you posted a while back about front squats being better for athletes. That guy has some good videos
BOTH! I back-squatted Wednesday and I'm still sore, but I did front squats today. I haven't consumed much food today, so I felt a bit weak. I didn't FS more than 260 lbs. today. I just didn't have the energy. It pisses me off a bit because I kept telling myself to eat but work got in the way. I'll go for 275 lbs. next week. I'm gunning for the big 315 on the FS! Only then will I feel satisfied. I would like to have my FS within 100 lbs. of my back squat.

P.S. Just because I'm low on calories, I'm eating the XL pizza AND a burger. Take THAT body!
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You heard of me.....burgandy and outlines like murder scenes; Germany..took ferns and flat whites for blurring greens.

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