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Originally Posted by topaz46 View Post
I had the same problem with a 330 at work, there is a valve that controls flow to the heater core located near the drivers side near the firewall, I forgettthe exact name of it but if I remember correctly theres 3 hoses that go to it, its kind of a pain to get but its there, if you follow the coolant hoses to the back of the drivers side of the engine bay you'll see it, that could very well be the problem
If that valve was stuck open or closed it wouldn't open/close while driving, it would always be stuck open or closed.

I think your water pump is failing, but that's just my .02 worth of experience with my cooling system. I would bleed properly and definitely keep an eye on the temp gauge and coolant level. The little hole just inside the ET fill neck should piss coolant when there is good flow. Maybe check that out while you're poking around.
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