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Originally Posted by Sean McClellan View Post
Hey I'm having the exact same issue as you. Any new updates on this? Did you figure it out? I'm about to replace my transfer case mount and see if this solves my issue.
No further luck.. still not fixed. Please let me know if your transfer case mount helps. I highly doubt it will to be honest.

What I have noticed lately however is tho, I have a rental for work so the BMW stays put a lot of the time. When I get back on the weekends and take it for a drive the first bit of the drive you can feel the vibration a fair bit. More than before, so this has to be something that is affected by the car staying put and colder climate. Once I'm into the drive 5-10minutes its not as noticeable.

So the car staying parked for a while, and the colder temperature seems to have an affect on this exactly as I described in the previous page somewheres.

Originally Posted by 325xittt View Post
How about your center support bearing on the drive shaft. Just curious how many mile on the drive train? Also is there any up/down and side to side play in your front output flange on the TC. I suspect in my car that this is a cause of a vibration coming from the area you describe. Also be warned the TC rubber bushing is a beyatch. Anyone with advice on installing that.
The CSB was done like 5k ago sam with Guibo. The car has 217,000KM (135k miles) on it.

Do you feel the vibration in the front or in the rear? Because mine I'm 99% sure it's the rear end where its coming from.

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