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Originally Posted by EverydayGetaway View Post
^My point is that for a DD, it won't make a huge difference. I'd sooner turbo/supercharge a US M3 before importing the Euro motor or car.
On paper it might not seem like a tremendous difference for DDing, but it is very noticeable in day to day driving. Just because 0-60 times are close doesn't mean 30-50, 50-80, etc... Are all close as well. The more powerful motors will just feel stronger all around.

Granted I never drove a Euro m3, but I'm assuming it'll feel pretty close to an S54 powered car given how close the power/torque figure are.

I too would supercharge an S52 before importing an S50. Not because it's a better solution, but because S50-euro parts are nearly impossible to get in this country. I would sooner do an S54 swap than either (they can be run off Euro S50 harnesses without too much extra work)
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