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I would pretty much echo what has been said already. Basically, start with dry fire practice at home. Get used to the long gritty trigger pull. The LCP and LC9 pistols are not going to have a short trigger pull like you would find on something like a Glock or XD, or as smooth of a long pull like you would find in a Kahr or Sig. If it's like the LCP (the only one I've shot), then the pull is long and the break of the sear seems like it's all the way at the back of the trigger guard, and almost like it doesn't exist and then all of a sudden, POP - there it is. I know that the sear break on the LCP is sort of a "What the hell was that!?!?" feel. Basically, you have to get used to the trigger. I have 3 fellow cop friends that carry LCPs as either off-duty guns, or on-duty backups. I went shooting with one guy, who is on my own department, the day he first shot his LCP. He was all over the paper with it initially, and he's a relatively decent shot. He's not a great shot, but he should have been able to be hitting a lot better than he was. I took my turn on it and am convinced that the trigger feel was jacking him up.
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