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Originally Posted by subieworx View Post
I would want the front camber evened out more than anything. Either .5 or 1.1 is fine for daily driving. I drive my ZHP 20000 miles per year with neg 1.8 front camber, .1* total toe in front, neg 1.5 rear camber and .1* toe in rear. Tire wear is perfectly even and the car handles well.

On my 335 I run neg 3.2 camber front and neg 1.8 rear with the same toe settings as the ZHP and get only slightly accelerated front inside tire wear.

With these rear settings rear tire wear is even.
Do you mean -0.5 to -1.1? It seems like such a small difference, is that kind of camber adjustment worth much on hard turns, i.e., can you actually feel the difference when you are not racing all the time and just turning aggressively in every day driving?

Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
They can do it. Most shops seem to have the Hunter laser computer alignment device. It has the specs of almost every car on the road in it's computer. The shop I went to once (generic oil change/AC/alignment place) even got instructions on how to weight the car according to BMW. I told them to ignore it and subtract 10-20% from the camber specs.
Meaning they should have the ZHP stats in there as well? I am going to Firestone where I do think they use the electronic equipment to get everything right.
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