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No Button on the console, I have the manual, and tried just about everything. Apparently the 2005 with assist didn;t have the pairing button. I did read multiple posts about this pairing and it does say you can have 4 phones connected and when you connect the 5th one, the first one is deleted. I also removed the liner to look for the exact code but there was none on the module. I didn't have time to remove the module yet to look at the underside.
So I used 0000 and 1234 and the strange thing is on the phone while connecting it says the "passcode is correct". Go figure.
The real issue in my case is having the radio go into the BT pairing mode. How to active that is a mystery.
So next plan of attack is remove the module for the exact passcode. Try that, if not, remove the 2 fuses specified, and then if that doesn't work I'll try the BMW scanner when it arrives. I'll post back if I get it to work.
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