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Looking for reputable Indy BMW service shop for M3 Transmission

I drove my (near-) perfectly running M3 to an indy repair facility in north Atlanta to turn my warped flywheel. The problem was very minor, and had been causing minor vibration in first gear. This should have been a 3-day job.

They did the job, and got paid $2,000 for it by the warranty company; but when they reassembled the tranny they ran the hydraulic pump dry and destroyed it. Two months later, the vehicle - which I drove into the shop - is now laid up in their shop, and they are trying to charge me an additional $3500 to repair the damage that they did to the vehicle!

So...unless they cover the repairs for the damage that THEY did, I may have to pay for it myself and sue them later for reimbursement. I certainly am NOT going to pay them to repair the damage that they did, so I am looking for an honest BMW indy repair shop that knows something about Motorsport and SMG (unlike the other guys).

Can anybody recommend?
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