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ICE ICE POLO (ROBolop Design)

Like I pronounced earlier in my BMW topic, we bought a new VW Polo.
This will be used for daily use, and most of the time, my wife will drive it. When we made the decision to buy a daily car, I had to make a promise that I wouldnít lower it, or put bigger wheels on it.
First of all, because she has troubles with her back, and for the rimsÖ.it wonít be long until sheíll drive up the sidewalk.
But as for the ice, she had no problems with me doing some ďadjustmentsĒ, BUT there had to stay enough room in the trunk at all costs.

The Polo is a 1400 comfortline, with DSG, Airco, Assheating, Cruise Control en some other stuff.
Here a picture from the Polo, just delivered (still with the protective foil on)

I will take some more pictures once sheís washed, but there not much to be seen. Itís an original new car.
But maybe some carbon updates will happen, who will knowÖ

About the ICE, everything I need is already here.
As for the radio, Iím going to keep the original one, but since Iím going to use an amp, Iíve bought a Pac-Audio interface.

Iím very happy I didnít sell the Precision Power amp I wanted to mount into the bimmer first.

This PPI Deq 230 is a 30band equalizer. I can screw demount the front from this device, and with the longer cable (which is in the box), you can change the settings behind the wheel.

As for the Subwoofer, I chose for the 4 Focal Utopia 13ws , again

Also the front speakers will be Focalís: the KrX3 series

The filters.

And I also bought some cables and damping materials.

Itíll take a while before Iím going to begin on the install. First of all I want to finish up the mounting works from the new radio, in the bimmer.
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