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Finally , I started on the Polo.
I searched the net to find some pictures of what could be hiding behind the carpet, but then I decided to take it all out anyway. Sooner or later, this was inevitable.

The spare wheel, well, that has to stay. The intention is that this stays easily accessible, in case we need it.
In other words, Iím going to make this install so that, in case of a flat tire, my wife can take the wheel easily and safely.

On the right side you can see thereís not much that can be done here.
Itís the place of the petrol tank, Iíd better not cut this open do I ?

On the left side Iíve got some more place to work with, but ho wand what, Iím not quite sure.

Then I placed a piece of MDF on the bottom, and looked what kind of emplacement is possible here.
I was at first a bit disappointed there wasnít enough room, cause in my case, you canít have enough room!

The intention is that the sub-box is placed against the rear seats. This will be in favor of the pressure, and also the looks will be much more pretty.

What I do know is that Iíll place hem under diagonally. The view will be more spectacular and more beautiful, I think.
About the PPI (amplifierŗ), Iíll have enough space to work away the cables in an appropriate way (L and R)
The equalizer is something elseÖThereís no room for that. You can see that I got it out of its housing, and I placed it ON the amplifier. It looked OK in my opinion.

But Iím not there yet. First of all Iím going to calculate how many liters are necessary for the subbox, the rest will turn out from its own.
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