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Because I'm going to mount the equalizer onto the amplifier, I decided to make an aluminum plate.

First of all I drew out everything on a piece of MDF, 8mm thick.
The MDF will serve as a mold for the actually alu plate.
Here you can see how I started.

The piece is finished, and I'm happy with the result.

I sawed out the alu plate with the jigsaw, after that I taped it on the MDF.

Then I started to mill this with the copymill.

The result:

I just need to sand the edges...

Then I mounted the EQ on there with 4 screws, and layed it on the amplifier.

The busses won't stay as in this setup. I'm going to let some made on the height I want.

Here you can see the amp also stand on "busses". I did this to work away the cables.

For the first time, I timed how long I worked on this Aluminum plate.

Drawing on MDF
Mill the MDF
Saw the Alu
Mill out the alu
This all took me about 5 hours...

But as you guys already know, I don't give a f*k how long it took me, as long as the result is OK for me
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