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Originally Posted by Neotate View Post
Just bled the system and I'm still getting the same problem with only getting hotter air once the revs are higher, when idling the air starts to turn colder so it may sound like I have a problem with the heater core valve, does anyone know how much a heater core valve costs and how hard is it to replace?
I posted this previously:

Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
Sounds like your car is having a problem keeping water flowing through the heater core. It could be a stuck heater core valve (part #2 in this image):

Part Number: 64118369805 (at least for my 2004 330Ci)

Try bleeding the system before you take this part out to examine it.
TischerBMW actually has the best price I can find ( All vendors seem to have a very similar price ($70-75).

ECS has great pictures.

I'm not entirely sure that the valve is the problem. One person has suggested your water pump. I guess it's possible, but I feel it is unlikely since your car is not overheating and the waterpump doesn't fade out in terms of flow rates. It breaks the bearing and makes the belt jump off eventually but doesn't lose flow capacity. The problem would be with the valve assuming a valve can get stuck in a position b/w open or closed. If it's stuck partially open then it's just not letting enough water through at idle, but when you increase the RPM, the flow increases and gives you hot water to the core.

You need to inspect these parts above before you buy the valve. It could just be a hose with a kink in it.

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