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Cheaping out by 20 - 30 bucks and risking a high performance enegine in a car that was over 40K new sounds like the dumbest thing., I am usually never critical on these posts, i understand people make mistakes and sometimes the intention were good. But seriously man if you want cheap out that bad you should not be driving a BMW period. Change back to the original oil it will last you longer and actually save you money on the long run as the frequency of oil changes is reduced. Moreover religiously maintaing not only equals the amount of work you put in but also what parts and fluids you use in your car. Though I am not sure what causes the knock, I am pretty sure the knocking starting only after the change in oil is no mere coincidence. BMW is offering value service for e46 go to any dealer and ask for it. Its $79 for an oil change and well worth it and gives you a peace of mind and your engine will last longer. Check this link for value service info
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