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Originally Posted by timworx View Post
2002 325i 135k here.

So, I changed my engine and A/C belts about 2 weeks ago. Piece of cake.

Now, however, I'm noticing a "clonk". I didn't notice it until the temperature dropped a few days after the belt change (NY). Now it makes the clonk until it is nice and warmed up.

The Video

It didn't sound absolutely terrible from inside the cabin, but with the hood open it makes me want to get into the fetal position with my hands over my ears and rock back and forth.
That poor girl, the pain and agony I'm putting her through. Help me help her.

My initial guess is the tensioners? I would imagine a consistent sound if it were a shot idler, right? (Like a normal shot bearing of any sort). Could it be the water pump (no idea when or if it was ever serviced.)? I haven't a clue.
I am assuming you didn't change the "engine" just the A/C and accessory drive belts. The wobbly pulley is the tensioner. It shouldn't wobble. If its a spring one perhaps the spring is weak or suffered when you backed it off to remove the belt. I believe new ones are hydraulic. You might want to change it. I don't recall there being any "grease" in the region of the belts. Last thing you want near drive belts is grease. They don't work when greased up.

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