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Originally Posted by Sean McClellan View Post
I'm feeling mine in the rear. It's the exact same symptom as yours: I can clearly feel the vibration from the rear through my driver's seat. None of my passengers can feel the vibration either. I have recently replaced my CSB and guibo about 500 miles ago. I'm putting my money on either the transfer case bushing or an imbalanced rear driveshaft. Either way I'll let you know what my findings are.
Exactly my passengers think I am crazy when I tell them this. I had to get a buddy of mine to drive my car in order to realize I wasn't nuts.

I am starting to think its the driveshaft, but then this wouldn't be affected by weather. This would be constantly like this.

Because I know during the summer I do not feel it this bad, but now that its gotten colder and the car is actually parked for periods of time its quite noticeable.

Keep me updated!

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