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Originally Posted by RayPooley View Post
I am assuming you didn't change the "engine" just the A/C and accessory drive belts. The wobbly pulley is the tensioner. It shouldn't wobble. If its a spring one perhaps the spring is weak or suffered when you backed it off to remove the belt. I believe new ones are hydraulic. You might want to change it. I don't recall there being any "grease" in the region of the belts. Last thing you want near drive belts is grease. They don't work when greased up.
It seemed so odd for it to go away after the car is warmed up. I mean, it's not like worn out wheel bearings stop grinding after you've driven the car a few miles.

The the tensioner pulley uses a sealed bearing, so there is lubricant (i.e grease) in there, or else it would seize up after short. So, I'm wondering if it's a matter of cold effecting the already worn out idler, making it that much harder to turn (with much less viscous lubricant in the cold) before it warms up.

I'm off to order the pulley. I'm wondering if I should get the whole tensioner assembly after the abuse it has taken from that wobbling pulley.
EDIT: Looks like you have to buy the entire assembly for mechanical type. (Pelicanparts)

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