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Originally Posted by timworx View Post
It seemed so odd for it to go away after the car is warmed up. I mean, it's not like worn out wheel bearings stop grinding after you've driven the car a few miles.

The the tensioner pulley uses a sealed bearing, so there is lubricant (i.e grease) in there, or else it would seize up after short. So, I'm wondering if it's a matter of cold effecting the already worn out idler, making it that much harder to turn (with much less viscous lubricant in the cold) before it warms up.

I'm off to order the pulley. I'm wondering if I should get the whole tensioner assembly after the abuse it has taken from that wobbling pulley.
Yes. The whole tensioner assemby would be in order. Looking at the extent of the wobble no bearing that I know of could wobble like that without having suffered total collapse and if that were the case there would be bits of bearing and pulley flying everywhere. I wouldn't drive it in that condition. If it does go it could knacker your fan, radiator, hoses, water pump etc and that would be expensive. Original tensioners had preloaded springs inside them. These do fail. It is not impossible that the spring suffered some kind of damage when you compressed it to get the belts off. It has probably not been compressed for a long time. Springs do lose their spring rate after a while especially in high temperature environments. Of course all of this is based on wht I see in your video and the noise I hear. I could be wrong.

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